The New Testament Church
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When did God purpose to build the church?
Prophecies in the Old Testament foretold of the establishment the church.
When was the church of our Lord established?
Just how does a person enter the church that we read about in the New Testament?
How was / and is the church of the New Testament to be organized?
What was included in the public worship services of the first century church?
What is the mission of the church?
How were problems dealt with in the first century church?
What should the church be called?
Is undenominational Christianity possible today?
Does God sanction the religious division found among those who profess Christianity?
Is the church of Christ a denomination?
What should those who are in the church be called as a people?
What should the men be called who give their life to preaching the gospel of Christ?
What is the future destination of the church of our Lord?

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