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This year’s Gospel Meeting  (2014):

The 2014 annual Gospel meeting was held June 8th thru June 11th.  The theme for the meeting was “Encountering Christ in Today’s Culture”.  On Sunday June 8th, H.L. Shirey brought lessons and sermons that discussed the definition of culture, whether or not culture will hurt us on our “Journey”, and answered the question of, “Is there a Divine culture”.  On Monday June 9th, Jack Dodgen, Associate Minister from the Whitehouse church of Christ, discussed “Christianity in an unchristian digital age”. On Tuesday June 10th, Jack Wilke, new minister for Pritchett, conducted an evening that focused on “Culture-vs- the Family”. The final night, June 11th, was conducted by Lyle Sinkey.  Brother Sinkey, the videographer for Duck Commander brought a powerful lesson and personal testimony about “The Life Changing Christ”.  It was an awesome night that resulted in 1 response for baptism!  The meeting was well attended with between 40 and 65 people in attendance each evening.

Last years Gospel Meeting (June 2013):

In 2013 the annual Gospel Meeting was held from June 9th thru June 12th.  H.L. Shirey opened the meeting on Sunday June the 9th. Jeremy Vass from the Gilmer church of Christ conducted Monday June 10th.  Dub Mowrey from the Pittsburg church of Christ conducted June 11th and Perry Cowan from the Shady Grove church of Christ closed out the meeting on June 12th.

Past Gospel Meetings and events:


This years gospel meeting again featured Bro. Dan Manuel as the guest speaker. Bro. Dan has held the meeting many times here in the past and other nearby congregations.  We looked forward to having him back.  Many of you have heard Dan in the past and he hosts the popular TV program Give me the Bible each Sunday morning.

The “Give Me The Bible” program started in April 1989 and begins its 25th year of production this April. Many East Texas Churches of Christ help sponsor the program that airs at 7 a.m. Sundays on KETK NBC-56 and on KETK NBC -53 in the Nacogdoches/Lufkin area. The program also can be viewed at 6 a.m. Fridays on KLPN 58 in Longview.


This was a fine meeting for Re-Starting and Re-vitalizing a very good group of brethren.  We had a new preacher – Del Elkins and the beginning of a very renewed determination.  We were blessed with brethren from neighboring congregations which renewed old friendships and helped a new minister get acquainted.

The title of the meeting was “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do?)  It worked out very well – for the type of message needed. Several familiar brethren got up and spoke kind words about the brethren here and the foreseeable future of the congregation.   There were no “countable” results, but – a large amount of good will and laudable things that were spoken.


Brother Perry Cowan is to be our guest evangelist for our Gospel Meeting June 13th through 16th (Sunday through Wednesday) in 2010.  Perry’s father, the late Truman Cowan, served many years as an elder of our congregation here at Pritchett.  Perry is currently principal at the Harmony Junior High School in Upshur County, Texas.  Brother Cowan has also preached regularly through the years.  He is presently preaching for the Shady Grove church of Christ in also located in Upshur County.  Perry last preached our Gospel Meeting in 2007 and we are looking forward to another wonderful series of lessons and fellowship.


Brother Lee Moses of Mammoth Springs, Arkansas and editor of the Fulton County Gospel News will be our guest preacher for our Gospel Meeting June 14th through 17th, 2009.  He is the fulltime preacher for the Lord’s church in Mammoth Springs, Arkansas.


Brother Dub McClish will be our guest evangelist for this year’s Gospel Meeting.  It will be conducted June 15th through 18th.  Brother McClish remains in great demand to preach and speak in Gospel Meetings and Bible lectureships.  He is an excellent and thought provoking writer.  His articles are used profusely in brotherhood periodicals and church bulletins.



Brother Perry Cowan is to be our guest evangelist for a Gospel Meeting June 10th through 13th (Sunday through Wednesday) in 2007.  See note Gospel meeting 2010.


Brother Richard Massey of Weatherford, Texas is to be our guest evangelist June 4th through 7th in 2006.  Brother Massey is a sound gospel preacher who is frequently called upon to speak at Bible Lectureships and Gospel Meetings.


Brother Dan Manuel of Palestine, Texas powerfully proclaimed the gospel of Christ during our Gospel Meeting, which was conducted June 5th through 8th in 2005.  There were those who responded during the invitation; and attendance remained high at every service of the Meeting.


Our Gospel Meeting with brother Jerry C. Brewer this past summer was well attended.  Brother Brewer has an effective way of proclaiming the old Jerusalem gospel in all its purity and simplicity.  Our congregation was richly blessed this past summer in having him as our guest evangelist.  Brother Brewer is the publisher and editor of the brotherhood paper The Gospel Preceptor.


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