QUESTS-- Working in Service to Others with Christian Love!  

The kids and teens are learning that working with the Lord is a wonderful adventure.  To help them stay on that path, our youth group occasionally embarks on a "Quest". 

A "Quest" is a real world opportunity for our youth to use and apply the Biblical principles that they have learned in order to encourage them to aspire and embrace having a servants heart.  


QUEST #1: September 4th 2011- The TIP TOP youth group planned, prepared, and served a full meal (including dessert) to the congregation.  

QUEST #2:  December 2011- The TIP TOP kids planned and performed a renovation of the church nursery. The kids chose  and planned the decor, and they helped do the cleaning, the painting, and the decorating.  The kids presented and dedicated the nursery on Sunday December 18th, 2011.  

QUEST #3:  March 3rd 2012- The TIP/TOP class identified members of the congregation that had been ill and/or had been through recent surgery, etc.  The TIP/TOP youth then prepared leather scrolls that contained a personal prayer for strength and recovery as well as a specially selected scripture verse.  The Quest and the Scrolls were revealed to the whole congregation on March the 3rd at the end of the morning service.  Many of the recipients of the scrolls were in attendance and received their scroll    at that time.  Others that were homebound or in nursing homes had the scrolls delivered by the entire TIP/TOP youth group.

QUEST #4:  May 5th 2012- The youth group organized the collection of needed items for the Cherokee Home for Children in Cherokee, Texas.  They collected, organized, and packed several boxes of grocery items, personal items, and household goods.  The items were delivered to the children’s home on May 5th.

QUEST #5: December 2012:  The youth group has worked with the mindset of providing for those less fortunate and in the  spirit of having a servants heart.  The youth voted and selected supporting the Upshur County Shares pantry with this Quest.  They put together 144 toiletry kits for the pantry.  This is a critical need for the pantry as the pantry does not receive these types of supplies from the East Texas Food bank.

QUEST #6: All of 2013 the youth group facilitated the collection of an item of the month for the Upshur County Pantry. The item  of the month was selected, collected, packed, and delivered to the pantry each month, every month, throughout 2013.

QUEST #7: On February 14th, 2014 the Youth demonstrated hospitality and service as they prepared and served a "Mystery Dinner" to the adults in attendance. The evening was fun for all who attended and was a nice alternative to traditional Valentines night out plans.

QUEST #8: December 2014: The youth group wanted to give something to the first responder community that supports the Pritchett community to show that they are appreciated and remembered. The group worked to make candy topiary treat trees. The trees were made in such a way that when the candy was removed it would reveal messages of love and support for the first responders to read. Each topiary was accompanied by hand made cards from the kids. A candy topiary treat tree was delivered to ETMC EMS in Gilmer, to the Upshur County Sheriff's Department, and to the Pritchett Volunteer Fire department.



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